JC Johnson


JC Johnson is currently living Nashville, TN as an Instructor for Belmont University, The Art Institute of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University's Sarratt Art Studios. Johnson considers her start in photography as "a happy accident" that has resulted into a natural passion and pursuit.  Before obtaining her Masters of Fine Arts, she spent several years as a freelance photographer in the Nashville area. Often, her work makes associations to childhood as well as the nostalgic. Within her photography, she is most attracted to idealistic subjects that illustrate a “utopian” model existing within popular culture. Common themes in her photography include European architecture, fashion, travel, children’s toys, and the whimsical.

"I believe people rely on photographs to form beliefs and perceptions about culture, art and architecture, regardless of the accuracy; the physical appearance of a photograph changes when we have a personal memory associated with the subject of the photo. Our memories, education and biases leave an imprint on these pictures and can ultimately change its purpose as well as its appearance. My photographs are not meant to be true documentations, but to depict memories; usually a romanticized version of a place, a person, or a period of time. Often, I’m attracted to whimsical subjects and settle on anything with a pinch of nostalgia." - JC Johnson